I have decided to be a one hit wonder. Strike an awareness amongest everyone with my story and then not emphasize anymore. I can’t help,but to move on and right now I think it’s the right thing to do. 

I have healed so much with all of your kind words and support through all of this. I opened up mainly because I wanted to help others and shockingly it came with an enormous amount of healing for my heart. I was terrified then and now I’m able to own it because that was a part of my past. 

That’s exactly why I have chosen not to share or disclose any more of my experiences and struggles that have come with moving forward. I choose not to bathe in my past and not to write about the negative. To me those are such ‘drag you down’ points in my life and that’s not what I want to be remembered as. I choose to only be an example that you can pick yourself up and not let something or someone like that own every bit of who you are. 

I’m looking back at it now as an experience that will give me many projects to come. I have many ideas that will help women of abuse and helping them recover to do great things with their stories. 

We all need to be heard. I’m so blessed all of you took the time to  hear me and now I’m going to be working on hearing all of you. Stay tuned. ❤️️


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